Syria Protests 2011


Syrians demand Change, Freedom of Expression, Independent Judiciary and Democracy

ETANA 2015
In March 2011; pro-democracy protests erupted throughout Syria demanding Change & Freedom.  Violence has been using  to suppress protests.
By 2015; All Syrian towns and cities, including the capital Damascus, have been targeted by bombing, shelling and clashes.
ETANA have been monitoring the situation on the ground via its ntework of groosroots activists inside Syria.
Syria 2015
Total population 22,000,000 people
Conflict has displaced at least 7,600,000 internally; half of them are children, along with more than 4,000,000 who fled the country, according to the United Nations reports as for July 2015.
Syrian Diaspora
Thousands of Syrians flee their country every day. They often decide to finally escape after seeing their neighborhoods bombed or family members killed. 
Syria (سوريا‎ or سورية, Sūriyā or Sūrīyah) is at total area 185,180 km2 (71,500 sq. mi). Syria is divided into fourteen governorates. The governorates are divided into a total of districts, which are further divided into sub-districts and villages. ETANA have mapped parts of country regarding the ongoing conflict since 2011.
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Druze in Syria
Map shows Druze that are mostly reside in the areas of Jbal alSoummaq at Idleb pr...