About us

Etana is an independent organisation authentically linked to the Syrian social fabric while reaching to the highest political levels, it serves as a civil & diplomatic service for Syrians who want to live with freedom, dignity & justice.

The complex landscape which characterises the Syrian crisis demands new ways of working that reach beyond the bounds of traditional organisational structures. Etana is a new generation concept rooted in this complex reality where non-state actors offer creative mechanisms to impact reality. This new formula harnesses networks to leverage change in Syria through engagement on the local, national & international levels.

On the international level, as a diplomatic service, we are constantly engaging with international policy makers, informing them of ground developments, human rights violations & offering them expert advice from Syrians on paths to take to best serve the interests of the Syrian people. Lifting the voices of the voiceless in Syria to the international community, Etana tells the story of their reality through in-depth briefings based on data & mapping.

On the national level, working as a civil service, we support the missions of key Syrian opposition stakeholders on the international stage & in engagement in negotiations & dialogue with the regime, providing them with data, briefing material & expert advice to support them in their diplomatic & political missions.

On the local level, we work with the organic fabric of Syrian society, bolstering & enabling those who are already key stakeholders with their own communities, to better serve their communities’ needs, by promoting dialogue, settling local disputes & managing local affairs. Our rooted connection within the natural fabric of local communities gives us unparalleled access to information which we utilise to maintain a flow of information & communication between local level Syrian communities, national level politicians & the international community.


To reach Etana, please email us at contact@etanasyria.org