Constitutional Committee Monitor

The Constitutional Committee is a 45-person body formed as a result of the Russian-led Astana peace talks that began in 2018. While the constitutional committee was originally a Russian proposal, it has now adopted by the UN as part of the formal UN political process. Pursuant to UNSCR 2254, the committee’s main body was created out of three 50-person lists—one from the regime, another from the opposition and a third comprised of civil society figures—and is tasked with drafting a new constitution for Syria. A small group of 15 from each three grouping forms a core committee which engages in talks in Geneva.  The committee’s decisions are non-binding, however, and ultimately must be implemented by Syrian authorities. The regime has continuously rejected compromise and been an obstacle to genuine progress within rounds of the constitutional committee.  The last round of the constitutional committee was in January 2021.

The terms of reference and core rules for the constitutional committee can be viewed online.